I Want My Miserable Life Back

by MFB

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wurgles hosted these guys at my place when they were touring through San Luis Obispo. Great music, great gay orgies. I regularly masturbate to the memories of our rough bareback sex while Julian was singing 'God Bless Amerikkka'
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No Time Records release number 035 ! After two years of failed attempts at recordings, we are so proud to finally have finished this EP for you all. This is just the very beginning of things to you, keep posted for more music coming soon! Head over to: notimeforfun.bandcamp.com/album/i-want-my-miserable-life-back-ntr-035 to pick up physical copies of the release.


released May 5, 2017

A huge, never-ending thanks to the all of individuals who have supported us over the last couple of years, especially the lovely people at No Time Records and Collective Noise Productions who helped mix, master and produce this newest EP. [Tommy Smith (NTR), Mari Campos, and Peter Viviani (CNP)]. We also want to give thanks and credits to Santiago Mariscal (Wreck Department/ex MFB) for writing the lyrics to Mortal Combat and the riff for the breakdown in Four to Four.

What we do wouldn't be possible without y'all and we cant ever express our gratitude enough for it, thanks for sticking around, we cant wait to do even more great stuff with you all. Heres to four years of MFB and many more!!



all rights reserved


MFB Hayward, California

Shane- Bass/vocals
Mitchell- Drums

Come get your teeth kicked in and tell us we suck.

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Track Name: Mortal Combat
Why the fuck do I even bother?
There's no reason for me to try
All these words are meaningless
And in the end I'm just a hopeless mess
Even if I give it all
I'm going nowhere
I'm going to fall

We did this to ourfuckingselves.

Forget my name
Forget my face
I'd rather die than stay in this place
I can hear the voices calling
And I might not know how to be social

But I'll ruin it all.

We did this to ourfuckingselves
Track Name: Efficiency is Dead (...and so are you)
Sitting in my room!
I've got nothing to do
I'm bored like you
Haven't got a fucking clue
Where is my mind?
Its... fucking fried
Gonna kill myself
How's that for mental health?
I'm gonna crack
Fucking, anxiety attack
I'm not okay!!
I'm being watch by the CIA
They're gonna take me out
'Cause I'm what Sacco's about

Take good care.
I won't be there.

Oh shit!

Get off my fucking back.
Track Name: Four to Four
Everyday the same old shit
I can't help myself
The way things work and how they change
It really fucks mental health
I lay awake and just cry there
In my fucking despair
But in the end, it's all worthless
Do I really fucking care?

I hate myself; I hate my life
I hate you fucking all
I hate the fucking sight of you
I hate it when you call
Tear apart my fucking brains
And feed them to the wolves
Death is calling, death is ripping,
Watch your back I fucking swear

I can hear the voices screaming

Here we are once again
In a fucking rut
I'm just so tired of getting left
In the fucking dust
Shit I'm worried, head is spinning
Put a bullet through my skull
End my worthless fucking life
This is what you fucking get!
Track Name: He Called Me a Faggot, I Called Him an Ambulance
Dirty looks all around, want to burn this fucking town
Down, to the ground! Kill 'em all! burn this rotten town
Now! take control; Nazi fucks you don't run the show
Fight! 'till we die, We will win! We will not give in!

I don't like you.
Don't look this way
Fascist scumbag.
Stay away from me.

I don't give a fuck of what you think of me
I'm all the things you wish you were
You'll never be like me
You stand for everything I hate in life
You stab the backs of friends
Your hands are soaked in blood
So stay away from me and everything I love
We hate your guts, and hope you fucking kill yourself.
Track Name: I'm Going to Cum All Over Your Grave
I'm going to cum all over your grave
You fucking prick
Thank god your dread
You make me sick

You anti-gay hate filled crap
Makes me want to slit your wrists
Fred Phelps you horrid man
I thank the lord you kicked the can
Your bigotry makes you a total tool
Queers bash back you fucking fool
We all know you're a closet gay
And that you take it in the ass Sunday

I'm going to cum all over your grave
You fucking prick
Thank god your dead
You make me sick.
Track Name: God Bless Amerikkka
Burn this country down
To the fucking ground
The system has failed again

Time to take a stand
The future is in our hands
Take this country back

Is run by the
Kill yourselves
You racist pricks

We know your full of shit
Your time is limited
Spark the revolution

"Protect and serve"?
Get what you deserve!
Kill every cop.

Is run by the
Kill yourselves
You racist pricks
Track Name: I Hate Myself and I Want to Die
I can't believe this fucking shit.
Just leave me be I'm so fucking sick.
I think I'm improving but really I'm losing.
When will it end? When will death finally come?
I don't wanna hear from you.

I hate myself!
I hate myself and I want to die.