Offend Pop​-​Punk

by MFB

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This is our first EP. Its four of the first songs we wrote and we hope you all enjoy them


released November 30, 2013

Big thanks to Emmet Schneider for letting us record at his garage and thank you for listening!



all rights reserved


MFB Hayward, California

Shane- Bass/vocals
Mitchell- Drums

Come get your teeth kicked in and tell us we suck.

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Track Name: World War III
I pledge allegiance to the flag
That's what they say, and what they brag
"America, all above! Number one, we'll overcome!'
There's not anything that we can't do
Don't fuck with us or we'll get you
Syria we'll bomb your ass, just because we fucking can

We're going into world war three
This is the end of you and me
Nuclear holocaust will be the end
And I can't wait 'till we're all dead

Been going on for far to long
Why can't we see that this is wrong
Killing people everyday
Doing it the American Way
Bombing nations around the world
A global force for global good
Always in a fucking war
Lets kill them all and settle the score!

Track Name: Little Orphan Orange
Little Orphan Orange
Wandering the streets alone
Never known what it's like
To be in a loving home

Every single day for him is nothing but sad
All he ever wants is someone to call mom and dad

Little Orphan Orange
How bad must you feel
All you've eaten is some porridge
That you had to steal

Walking all by yourself without a single friend
Every single day you just want it to all end
Wait, look over there it looks like you're in luck
It looks like you've found yourself a little orphan pup

Laughing and having fun
Now that you two are one
Something to give you love and care
You two are now the little orphan pair
Track Name: Killer Golfish
The little fish that smiles back
They're gonna make you into their snack
They'll kill you with their little fins
And they'll do it with a huge grin!

Swimming in their tanks and bowls
Plotting your slow death
Eating your family whole
The smell of blood on their breath

Dragging you underwater
Feeling your life fade
The light exists no longer
Snuffing you out like a Nazi mermaid

Things can be rather unnerving
When caught in the center of their swarm
You are now at the mercy
Of the fish with the satanic horns
Track Name: Kill Your Creator
We don't need your fucking god
Your religions full of bullshit lies
You can go kill yourself
And gouge out your fucking eyes

Crucify the KKK
Kill them all and make them pay
Their religion is full of hate and spite
Believe in God or you ain't right

Teach nothing but how to hate
And that your god controls my fate
I don't believe in a word you say
I'm going to hell anyway!